Customer Reviews

“EraKay has been a diligent and attentive addition to our business. She is a creative problem-solver and talented in all office operations. She is able to take direction and initiate logical next steps. We have appreciated her kind-hearted and friendly disposition.”

~ Tina Cain

"I have been using EraKay as my VA for well over a year now.

In my mind I break her services into 3 easy categories:

1. Tasks I am simply not qualified or trained to do.

2. Tasks that would take me longer to do and would waste my precious time.

3. And tasks I simply hate doing!

I hand all these types of tasks to her and like magic they are completed on time, exactly how I wanted it and usually better than I expected.

Thank you EraKay for taking all these tasks off my plate so I can concentrate on growing my business and helping others grow theirs.

*Bonus: She is kind and pleasant to work with."

~Vincent Vecchioni

“EraKay is very professional with a strong business management background making her an asset to any business needing extra support.”

~ Melissa McMahon

“EraKay has been essential to helping me in my business. She has GREAT communication skills, responds quickly, diligent, detail oriented and anticipates my needs. It is a pleasure working with her on projects, as she is easy to work with, creative and cares about the work she does in working with you and your business. I highly recommend EraKay.”

~ Christine Pizzuto

"I highly recommend Era Kay! She is super fast & charges hourly so she can get tons of work done in a short amount of time actually saving me money (so I can hire her for MORE hours) She makes great suggestions & we work really well together. She really does give me that extra set of hands that I so desperately need! I didn’t even want to give her a great review because I want to keep her all to myself LOL =).”

~Joyce Eisenberg

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